Sunday School


Sundays at 9 am

There are great opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship in Sunday School!

Knowing God

This class will examine the book of Acts, and how disciples live in the gospel, and take the church into the world.

Trinity Hall, Room 201
Led by Mary Burns

How Should We Then Live?

A study of the Gospels as we look closely at the words and actions of Jesus, and examine the challenging issues of today.

Trinity Hall, Room 206
Led by Margaret Davis

Faith Weavers

This class, for young adults, is a Bible study designed to help us better understand ourselves in relationship with God, family, co-workers, and others.

Christian Education Building, Room 201
Contact: Carrys Sasser


Youth will follow a series on “The Story”‘ seeking to apply biblical truth to everyday situations.

Upstairs CE Room 204


Children will be encouraged to use their imaginations to think about how the story of God that starts in the pages of scripture can continue in their lives today.

Downstairs CE Building